Friday, December 18, 2009

Political campaigns. Take heed: 2010 E Michigan Ave vacancy

Need HQ for a campaign in Michigan? Space available @ 2010 E Michigan Avenue.  The storefront may not look exciting but the street address could be.

Hint: the street name and number are perfect for campaigns for election in the year 2010.  Whether it's a state legislative race, a Congressional race, or other, what address could be better suited for a Michigan campaign office in the year MMX?

Next to Emil's restaurant, a venerable Lansing purveyor of Italian food and multinational libation.

Across from the Gone Wired Cafe, where your overflow group of volunteers can enjoy plenty of room, free Wi-Fi, and yummy sammiches and sweets.

And across from the Everybody Reads bookstore, well-stocked in political rags and books for the reading pleasure of your staff, volunteers and supporters.  And if you're making news, pitch your story to the Lansing City Pulse, just down the block.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Discover the new Kenneth Cole backpack with special "File" feature

I spied a nifty Kenneth Cole computer-friendly backpack at the local Staples, so I went online to see if they offered a decent price. Locating the same item at J and R, the NYC discounter, I double checked its features to be sure they were the same. The text bragged that the backpack sports a "File Folder" -- cool -- but why was "File" hyperlinked?


Usually if a catalog hyperlinks a term of art -- say, part of an Amazon or Crutchfield item description -- they want to define what the term means, or offer links to products with similar features.

So what is a "File" folder in a backpack according to J and R?

Welcome to computer literacy, circa 1983!