Friday, February 26, 2010

Clever tech guy foils neighbors stealing his Wi-Fi signal

This is awesome!  A tech person discovered that his neighbors were stealing his Wi-Fi signal.  So he decided to thwart them by fiddling with their Internet experience.  For instance, he turns images in Web pages upside-down.  Take a look at an example:

Click screen shot for full-size image.

He uses software magic to turn all images in Web pages upside-down.  He also redirects links to  The guy behind that site send him an e-mail to him saying that he gets mail from people who think kittenwars has been hacked and demanding that he improve his security!

This is just plain delicious.  The Wi-Fi owner could've just enabled WEP and the neighbors would never get the pass code.  Instead he decided to have some fun with the bandwidth thieves.  Bravo!