Sunday, April 11, 2004

Gmail Quotes: Lost in Translation

Curious to see how the press around the world is covering the Google Gmail story, I used - of course! - Google to search. I found what appeared to be part of Katie Hafner's article in a Brazilian newspaper. So I used - of course! - Google to translate it from Portuguese to English.

The results were hilarious. Automated translators often emit some pretty goofy stuff, but a couple of these were real gems:

"If the Google supplies to the user a system anti-virus and anti-Spam and a great storage and the power of its tool of search, where I can find e-mails old, I change myself", I said Richard Wiggins, technologist of the information of the State University of Michigan in East Lansing, Michigan. "Those boxes of email with 50 megas do not serve more for nothing".
"For the majority of the people, I find that he will not be terrible to read an email on Key West and an announcement to appear in the page. I do not see problem in this ", I affirmed Wiggins. "But and if I receive sympathies from a friend for the death of a together relative with an announcement of a funerary house".

Wiggins agrees. "This box of email now competes with the servers of InterNet, CDs and DVDs you rewrote and iPods to carry, to load and to share personal content", affirmed.

I assume that Ultimo Segundo used a human to translate from English to Portuguese; if not, things are doubly lost in translation.,,1573954,00.html