Saturday, February 25, 2012

QR codes are for physical objects...

Not Web pages.  It adds no value to slap a QR code on a Web page or resource that could be a hyperlink.

A QR code is, at root, a 2 dimensional bar code.  It can be useful if someone is in sight of a physical object where it is more efficient to scan some quick info in, assuming your consumer of info has a QR decoder handy on a smartphone with camera.

But people are using QR codes as if they are the latest thing in social media.  It is an updated bar code from the 1990s.  It is intended to be something you use a handheld device to read when processing, say, the handling of a piece of equipment moving on an assembly line.  If you think you are a way cool 21st century Web consultant and are encouraging your customer to use QR codes, welcome to 1994 and the label on your delivery package.

Hint: Don't publish a QR code if your reader is online and could just click on a hyperlink.

Hint number 2: Don't forget the power of a simple URL.