Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The New York Times hands election day commentary to bloggers

The old media continues its fascination with the new media, specifically the world of bloggers. Today's New York Times literally gave one column each to its regular columnists, David Brooks and Paul Krugman, and polled a bunch of bloggers for their thoughts on the election.

It's neat that the Grey Lady pays so much attention to the unfolding blogosphere, but on the other hand isn't it odd to pick your commentators based on their medium? "The Times polled the anchors of the major TV networks." Or "The Times asked talk radio jocks for their comments." Or "The Times asked tabloid editorialists to comment."

Note how much real estate the broadsheet print edition gave the bloggers, compared to what's allocated on nytimes.com:

Paradoxically, the bloggers jump out in the print edition, and are obscured in the online one.

In any event, you can expect The Times and the rest of the old media to continue to watch, quote -- and perhaps envy? -- bloggers.

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