Thursday, October 28, 2004

What should I do with Or

Will Rogers famously remarked "I do not belong to an organized political party; I'm a Democrat." OK, in case it's not obvious; I lean towards Democratic candidates and causes. Our governor is Jennifer Granholm, a Democrat whom I respect almost as much as I admire Michigan's long-standing Republican governor, Bill Milliken.

When Granholm won the governorship, it became obvious that she would play on a national stage -- even though she is Canadian by birth, which means she can never run for President. Still, I registered some Internet domains:

Of all people, George Will became enamored of our governor. And why not? She's smart, she's politically savvy, and -- forgive me -- she's the best-looking governor in the nation. So George Will -- of all people!!! -- proposed the "Granholm Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution, whereby someone who is not a natural-born citizen could become President. The Constitution provides that you have to be born in the USA -- cue Bruce Springsteen -- if you want to be President -- understandable lingering distrust of the Brits and other foreign meddlers. (Understandable in the late 1700s, Messrs. Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.)

Thus we have George Will arguing that Jennifer Granholm -- and by implication Arnold Schwarzennegger -- should be eligible to be President.

What do you think?

And should I renew one of these domains?

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