Sunday, January 09, 2005

Amazing what's on the Net: want the script of "Casablanca"?

For some reason a line from Casablanca was bugging me. Victor Laszlo and Ilsa walk into Rick's. Ilsa asks for a table near Sam, and Victor asks the proprietor for a table away from the evil German major. Rick responds with a pithy line about the complicated geography their request entails. But I can't remember Rick's exact riposte.

So I Google it. And early on the hit list, I find a full-text copy of the script for Casablanca.

No one is more excited than me about Google's ambitious plans to scan millions of library volumes for full-text presentation on the Web. This is just a tiny example of how cool it will be to find the most obscure things in print, without having to physically visit Cambridge or Ann Arbor.

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