Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Headless Mac a "cube-shaped computer"?!

Tech columnist Hiawatha Bray writes in today's Boston Globe:

In San Francisco, at the annual Macworld trade show, Jobs showed off the Mac Mini, a cube-shaped computer priced at $499, and a new $99 version of the red-hot iPod portable music player.
Either Hiawatha didn't physically attend the keynote at Macworld where Steve Jobs introduced the device, or he's forgotten his basic geometry. Quoth Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: cube
Pronunciation: kyüb
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin cubus, from Greek kybos die, cube
1 a : the regular solid of six equal square sides -- see VOLUME table

This tiny new Mac is in no way a "cube" -- its size and shape more resemble a paperback book:

As it happens Steve Jobs famously was associated with a cube-shaped computer, the Next workstation, introduced circa 1990:

It was cool to break out of the tower paradigm in the early 90s and have a cube-shaped computer on your desk. But memo to Hiawatha: the Mac Mini is shaped not like a cube; it's shaped like an Ipod.

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