Friday, February 11, 2005

Google News Ranks Governor Granholm with Fiorina, the Pope, Blair, Ebbers, and the Prince of Wales

Google News tries to create a "People in the News" section as it scrapes content from thousands of news sources. Often it makes goofy mistakes. Its algorithm often falsely assumes that proper nouns are people. For instance, it might think that Ingham County is a rock star. I was surprised last night to see that the robot ranked Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm, with Carly Fiorina (deposed CEO of HP), the Pope, Tony Blair, the disgraced Worldcom CEO Bernard Ebbers, and the Prince of Wales:

Granholm gave Michigan's State of the State address this week, but that seems a curious thing to put her on the national stage. One scant day later, Google News has an entirely different cast on stage:

Hmmm, Guantanamo Bay, is that a new rap artist?

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