Sunday, May 22, 2005

Joie de vivre or joi de vivre?

A French phrase came to mind and I didn't know how to spell it. So I did the unscientific thing, I Googled the phrase as I thought it might be spelled.

joi de vivre

Hmmm, only 16,000 hits. So I asked Google:

define: joi de vivre

Nothing. So I Googled for:

joy of life french

Paydirt: an entry on French phrases showed the correct spelling of "joie de vivre".

Along the way I stumbled on a Web site at . Hmmm, should domain registry services offer spell checking?

Fine photography portraiture for Chicagoans who don't speak French? Nope, it turns out the photographer is named Joi Rosenbaum and the spelling is therefore intentional.

I hope this story has brought a little joy into your life...


DanielK said...

Actually that is exactly what I was doing. Looking for the correct spelling for joie de vivre. I was editing an English translation of the Hebrew phrase that wasn't properly serviced by the phrase Joy of Life.

Thanks to you and Google for doing my Homework and may you always have Simchas HaChaim and the knowledge of how to spell it (not to mention pronounce it).

Tara said...

The reason it is joi instead of joie is because the photographers name is joi - not a spelling error.