Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lost in Art - and it isn't Fair

On Thursday we went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Locals say "It isn't art, and it isn't fair" but it was probably my twentieth trip. Saw some nice art and some nice sights:

We also heard some lovely music:

Click the image to hear the music (taken with a Sony DSC-F717, OK audio, poor video.)

At one point I spied an Asian family with some fun hats. I asked if I could take their picture, and they consented:

Too clever by half, I said "domo arigato." The gentleman replied with a smile "You are quite welcome, but we are Chinese." Ooops!

Now here's the fun part, where we were even goofier. For some reason I consider it a matter of sport to avoid paying to park at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. So for years we've usually ended up on Olivia Street, a bit of a hike from South U, which is not the cool art fair it used to be. This year we turned off at "the rock" and found a spot in a nearby neighborhood.

At the end of our 10 mile hike of art fairing, we could not remember where the car was. We wandered into the general neighborhood, but we could not for the life of us find the street and spot where we'd left the car.

We asked a local "We parked near a sorority near here with a pretty ratty lawn; do you know which it might be?"

He replied "That's every sorority or frat in town."

I then remembered that I'd taken a photo of that sorority. My camera's battery was nearly dead, but I fired it up, zoomed in on the little screen, and took note of the name.

Ahh, Alpha Sigma Phi. I called Verizon's 411 service, asked for the address, and got it. Then I asked a homeowner who'd just arrived from work where Baldwin Street was; it was just a few blocks away.

Whew. End of a long day and a long hike.

For complete photos, please see:

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Maurie Dowd said...

Yes, the sight of a pickup truck and mother and child is best not seen in A2, a city of fine art and fine people. That lady ought to not have kids, lose weight, clothe herself from boutiques and idle away the day sipping pepsi at a sidewalk cafe. Or at least she could have the decency to move to a working class city.