Thursday, July 28, 2005

Withering assessment of Windows Vista (nee Longhorn)

Ouch! A Chicago Sun-Times reporter offers some delicious cynicism about the delays and de-featuring of Windows Vista:

Just read that announcement again. Look closely. See? This is the very
first official Longh ... sorry, "Vista" news that didn't include another
six-month delay or the cutting of another previously announced feature.

Later he writes:

...while system-wide integrated RSS support might be one of those transformative infrastructures that helps to change how we define an operating system, it could easily become just another way to put a weather icon on your desktop.

That made me laugh. I'm a huge proponent of RSS but I agree with the author's notion that perhaps it isn't a panacea.

They say the Space Shuttle, already freshly grounded even while it's still in space, is the most complicated machine ever built, with a million components. I bet Windows is now at the same level of complexity.

See Microsoft stops backpedaling about Vista release

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