Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tom Izzo and Marquis Gray have a serious moment

My old friend John Liskey was kind enough to take me and a couple of his other friends to the Michigan State versus Iowa game on Saturday. His seats are close enough for great views of Tom Izzo as he confronts his players. It's a great spot to see the veins on the coach's face pop out.

I'm pretty sure this scene is after Marquis Gray made a dunk and then gestured that he had slit Iowa's throat. This resulted in a minor controversy about taunting another team. In any event Coach Izzo was upset, and literally in his player's face:

After this moment Marquis grabbed Izzo around the neck as they dealt with whatever the issue was. It's clear Tom Izzo has an up close and personal relationship with each of his players, him the dad to young men a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier.

Here's an album with 150 or so photos from the Iowa game. Dammit, Trevor, you and Muldster both have better lenses, but you can zoom in on these photos for some good closeups.