Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Google Pays Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Google periodically updates its logo with a cute graphical reference to a holiday or event. Today's Google logo pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock (and one of his movies, "The Birds").

Not knowing the significance of August 13 and Hitchcock, I went to the Internet Movie Database for the answer. Yup, Hitch was born this day. IMDB offers
other events in movie history that occurred on August 13.

My wife Judy, far more intuitive than I, figured Google would give a clue. The logo is a link to a Google search for "Alfred Hitchcock" which would eventually yield the August 13 answer.

It's fun to look at

other Google holiday logos

Ever wonder who the artist is that makes these cute, minimalist logos for Google? Here's the scoop:

about Google's logo artist.