Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Orbitz gives new meaning to "blue screen of death"

This morning's mail included an ad from Orbitz touting a tremendous fare sale. I clicked through and saw this:

Hmm -- how much sales revenue Orbitz loses for every hour its Web site is down? With Travelocity and Expedia and the airlines' own sites, there are plenty of alternatives.

I also wonder what technology failed them. Hardware? Operating system? Applications software? I bet there are some folks in the data center having Tylenol moments right now.

At least they have a mechanism to re-route to a "Technical Difficulties -- Please stand by" screen. Many sites would simply time out.

When they've got their Web server problems fixed, they might want to take a glance at another issue. Their ad states:

All e-mails are sent from the domain "" - please use this domain name (not the entire "from" address, which varies) when configuring e-mail or spam filter rules.

... but the e-mail comes from an address in a differing domain:

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