Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yahoo Search and MSN Search clobber Google Search

Rumor on the street is that Google has improved its crawling coverage and frequency -- no longer on the 30 day rotation. Recent personal experience says Yahoo and MSN crawl Google's own spaces better than Google does.

I checked to see if Google Search had indexed an article I wrote on Wigblog days ago, a suggestion that Apple should sell Ipods pre-loaded with songs purchased from their Itunes service. Sadly, days after the posting, they had not:

So I checked to see if MSN Search had indexed the content. They had:

So I checked to see if Yahoo Search had indexed the content. They had:

So here's the deal: Google bought Pyra Labs over a year ago, and pundits predicted they'd integrate searching of Blogger content and thus build a huge competitive advantage. The truth is, Google does a poor job of indexing the Blogger sites they host, and their two main competitors index that same content far more effectively.

Score: Yahoo and MSN Search 1, Google zero.

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